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??'s about using a ECU not from my car.

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I am getting a ECU that has already been flashed for the same mods I have. My question is How can i get past the engine theft immbolizer to work with my key and my car? I'm not paying anything for the ECU so I really don't want to take mine and send it out if I don't have to. Has anyone done this or know how to do this? Any info would be greatly appriciated.
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We can't swap ECUs, so you have to go to Mitsu and have them rekey it. It's a pain and is rarely done. What made you think to buy an ECU like that?
I didn't buy the ecu it was given to me. I figured i would have to have my keys reprogrammed for the new ECU and i work at a dealer so I will just have one of the techs do it for me. i love working at a dealer for the little perks i get!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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