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I.E. people...

A few of us will be caravaning out of the Lake Elsinor Outlets and going down the 15 fwy.
We'll meet at the northern most part of the parking lot and leave at 1:00pm sharp!

If coming from the north, Riverside/San Bernadino;
Take 15 south.
Exit Nichols.
Make a right.
Make first left.
Take the first driveway into the parking lot.

If coming from the south, Murrieta/Temecula;
Take 15 north.
Exit Nichols.
Make a left and cross the fwy.
Make first left (don't get back on the fwy silly).
Take the first driveway into the parking lot.
If you don't want to back track call me after 1:00. We'll be on the 15 south and I'll tell you when we'll hit your city. Just catch us on the fwy.

We leave at 1:00pm sharp!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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