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Hey, if i were to get a S-AFC would i be able to tune to VTA with say a turboxs-RFL?
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If you want a "neat sounding" bov that recircs good and doesnt surge...go with the greddy type s (if you can find one) from road race engineering...thiers are modified to recirc..and fit like a dream..they have like 13 left i think and its 230 bucks for the whole kit... and just a friend put an RFL on his evo...and nomatter what he did to the decel air function on his safcII it stalled and shuttered all the was horrible to drive..and can kinda achieve the same sound on a stock bov with an intake...not as loud..but you will hear it!! VTA is not a good idea on the 4G63...
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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