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Setting up SAFCII

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The first option here is [Hi-Throtl], highlight it and press the joystick to the right, this screen shows you graphically how much the AFC-II is modifying the MAF signal either positive or negative, since we have not changed this setting yet the line should be flat. Scroll to the right with the joystick until the right side of the screen shows 5,200 RPM with a 0% below it. Turn the control knob counter clockwise until the 0% is reduced to a (-3%), now scroll to the right to choose 5,800 RPM, turn the knob to turn the percentage down to (-8%). Continue on to 6,400, 7,000, and 7,600 using the percentage settings shown below.

6,400 - (-10%)
7,000 - (-12%)
7,600 - (-14%)
this is from the "how to" on intstalling an SAFCII....
is this step necessary to setting up in evo's?? i assume it is because its in the guide...but just wondering :D
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No. Don't ever use someone else's settings. Thank's for pointing that out.
no prob..seemed a little odd to me
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