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Short Shift inst, but 5th grinds

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I installed a B&M short shifter and the underhood bushings. I chose to do 15% and it feels great except when I shift into 5th. It grinds slightly. I have to wait a couple of seconds for the rpms to go down to engage smoothly. Any ideas?
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is it the adjustable shifter from b&m? did you install the metal spacers inside the car?

I have the Perrin adjustable short shifter installed in my 03. A friend of mines installed it for me. Side effects from installing it are missing gears once in awhile. It just seems harder to put it into gear then it was stock.
Then why use it? There was no reason to install it to begin with. I recommend sticking with mods that are helpful.
I agree with Warr here. Short shifter kits just mess up shifting feel and precision, and worse, I'm told now that because of this, it prematurely wears out the synchros of not properly installed. There is not much benefit running a short shifter, and many Evo owners I know who had installed them previously had them uninstalled and have never looked back.

If you must get the feel of a shorter shift, consider a countersunk gearknob such as the ARC Titanium one. It marginally changes the length of the throw and the additional weight helps the shifter engage more precisely.
Technically this is hearsay from evomrguy, but I trust the source;
He was talking to RRE about the underhood bushings. They said that the underhood bushings are not a good idea, because the stockers provide just the right amount of slop and that fraction of a second to allow the syncros to line up and shift with not problems.
It may not be the short shifter as much as it the underhood bushings.
How would a short shifter cause syncro wear? You'd have to seriously dork up the install on an Evo to do damage like that.

I have the non-adjustable B&M and do not have issues with grinding. I feel some resistence in shifting to 5th in high RPM's but that is the design of the trans, not the short shifter.

I suggest you mod however you please...this isn't a beauty pagent. Just beware that some mods can cause issues with driveability...however I doubt that the short shifter is.
I have the same problem in 3rd. I have not put a short shifter in though. I wouldnt call it a grind it is more like a vibration shifting into 3rd at high RPM. Normal driving is fine.
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