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Hello everyone, we are now stocking OEM Mitsubishi Evo VIII parts at pretty decent pricing! Our last two newsletter have for the most part highlighted our Evo OEM parts as well as our new GT30R and GT35R turbo kits for the Evo 8 and 9. I'm going to post both links with a date so that you know which one you are being directed to, please read and if you have questions, email or call us anytime at

Slowboy Racing is now stocking Mitsubishi Evo 8 OEM Parts and Listing 15 TURBO'S IN STOCK! 06/12/06

and for the latest edition

MORE MITSU EVO OEM and Evo Speed Parts in the building!

If your just interested in our big hammer Garrett supporting turbo kits, check it out below!

Thanks for your time! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Cragger - Slowboy Racing Inc.
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