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This weeks newsletter is really generating some talk about 2 new turbos that we have to offer. The first of these being the BorgWarner S256 in a stainless steel T3 turbine housing. The S256 is best described as being an extended tip 50 trim with a map width enhancement compressor cover. This turbocharged is rated from BorgWarner as a 55 lb / min. turbocharger. The turbine housing is a solid stainless steel piece that is drilled for both large 4 bolt discharge as well as 5 bolt ford/svo discharge.

Our second new release is the T3 Baby Kahuna 60 trim turbocharger which is a scaled down model of it's big brother, the Big Kahuna. This turbo features a 4" port shroud inlet compressor cover, Heavy Duty 360 standard bearing thrust center section, as well as a stage III turbine wheel. This turbo is available in .63 and .82 A/R T3 turbine housings and uses the small 4 bolt discharge ( sometimes refered to as 2.5" ).

Check out the rest of the newsletter at the link below.

Thanks for the space and have a great day,

Cragger - Slowboy Racing Inc.


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