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I have a motor sitting here ready to leave. It is a brand new Evo8 motor we ordered from Mitsubishi as a spare. We don't need it, so I'm offering this as a one time deal, I'll sell this block, with wiseco pistons and your choice of H-Beam Rods. We have it ready to roll, and it would be out of here in less then a week.

$3200 + Shipping.

Also, I will upgrade this to a 2.3 Stroker motor for an extra 500$

If interested, please call the shop at 1-724-349-8417 or email Booneman - [email protected]

Chris Boone - [email protected]
Slowboy Racing Inc.
[email protected]


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if it was next summer i would be all over that! good deal! bump for a good company!
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