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Greddy Super Strong Kevlar Timing Belts for almost all models of 4G63. These fit 6 bolts, 7 bolt DSM's, and 7 bolt evo's. They are way more heat resistant and they won't just up and break on you like a stock one. They also hold truer time and will not ever stretch! If your changing out the water pump, or anything dealing with the timing belt, put this guy back on!

SCAT rods are in heavy stock and price to move at $319.00 a set. They feature a reliable h-beam style construction and feature ARP rod bolts. They are forged from chrome-moly steel and way stronger than a stock connecting rod. If your building this winter and your tight on money, this is your answer!

Brand New 7 Bolt 4G64 Crankshafts - If you want to stroker your 7 bolt this winter, it's always best to start with a fresh crankshaft. Best part is we have 5 in stock. If you need one feel free to click on the picture below for for more information!

Brian Crower 4G63 Spring and Retainer Kits are back in heavy stock here at SBR. We had a little a back order last month, but we are back online and ready to move them for your winter upgrades! If your thinking about running a higher redline or swapping to a big cam, then you need some springs at the mininum. If you really want to rev high and minimize valvetrain weight, get the titanium retainers for superior strength and weight loss!

If you need anything else, please feel free to email us any time - [email protected]


Call us today, 724.349.8417

Thanks for the space,

Cragger - Slowboy Racing Inc.
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