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Mitsubishi Evo 7/8/9 Spark Plug Well Cover
Want to dress up your engine bay? These are very tasteful peices, with just the word "Evolution" written across them! We have 30 of these in stock! If buying 5+ we will offer more discounted pricing.

Normally $149.00 On Sale For $139.00

Brian Crower 4G63 Racing Valve Spring and Titanium Retainer Kit
Putting cams in your evo? Wanna shift at 8500RPM's? These are what you need! With one of the stiffest single spring's in the buisness, and a name like Crower to back it up, this S/R Kit will keep those valves from floating. And who can beat this price?!?!

Normally $249.00 On Sale For $209.00

Brian Crower 2.4L Econo Series H-Beam Evo Stroker Kit
2.4L in an Evo? I think that would spool a 35R pretty quickly! Brian's been doing this for years under his family's name. For this price, you get a billet crank, custom CP Pistons, and billet rods!

Normally $3015.00 On Sale For $2699.00

Koyo Evo 7/8/9 All Aluminum Racing Radiator
Anyone looking for better cooling capacity, and a little more bling under the hood, look no further! These radiators fit like stock, and won't hurt your wallet! I have 5 of these still in stock!

Normally $440.00 On Sale For $380.00

Also, as an added note, keep your eyes peeled for our website!! The completely new version should be dropping this week!!

Thanks guys,

Chris Boone
Slowboy Racing Inc
1-724-349-8417 X16
[email protected]
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