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Smoking an STI

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Finally got a good race against an STI. It was from about a 20mph roll and we were both in 1st. My friend Brandon was driving my car. The Sti didn't have anyone with him. I yelled "punch it" out of the window and the STI hits it first. Brandon waited for him to go first just to rub it in his face, LOL! Well we row through the gears and caught up to him in 2nd and went into 3rd, then it was good bye. We pulled a car length in front of him. It was awesome and good driving on Brandon's part. I am currently putting down 285ish on my buddy's datalogger dyno. One run yeilded 311. It is really accurate.


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thats nice to hear...I spanked one pretty bad on the highway with my GST...I had about 340-350hp...not at the wheels though.

But then don't get cocky...there will be plenty of STi's that are really fast too.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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