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Smoking an STI

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Finally got a good race against an STI. It was from about a 20mph roll and we were both in 1st. My friend Brandon was driving my car. The Sti didn't have anyone with him. I yelled "punch it" out of the window and the STI hits it first. Brandon waited for him to go first just to rub it in his face, LOL! Well we row through the gears and caught up to him in 2nd and went into 3rd, then it was good bye. We pulled a car length in front of him. It was awesome and good driving on Brandon's part. I am currently putting down 285ish on my buddy's datalogger dyno. One run yeilded 311. It is really accurate.


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bpclements said:
Anyone else have any good race stories?
One of my many but I think my best has to be when an older guy with a ZO6 challenged me. I posted it in tuners a while back.
The guy was going down the road and I pulled out from my instersection sideways and got behind, I wanted to play but wasn't gonna go out of my way to race him, I had a day of driving with my friends ahead of me. He dropped to I think 2nd and started dipped hard into the gas letting his V8 rumble bounce off the trees around us. I pulled into a gas station then he made a quick turn into it at the other end then pulled up beside me and said, "You trying to race that little scooter?" Matt (my buddy in the car with me) and I laughed, "Sure, lets go from a launch." He agreed and told me to follow him. We went down this road and turned around. We lined up and my buddy Matt said on your mark, get set, go. When Matt said get set the vette started creepin forward, no biggee. When go was said, man it was over. He was about 1/2 car on me when I dropped the clutch, I made up that half car and put another 1.5 cars on him easy. 2nd gear gave me atleast two cars then 3rd we were about even grabbed 4th and he pulled a little, I relined 4th (1/4mi end for me) and I shut down with him about a car behind. I pulled over and he said he couldn't get traction and wanted to go again.
We head back up and do it again, this time he creeps some more. His assho!e got hurt on this one. I launched hard and spun all four past him, by the time I grabbed 2nd i was 2cars on him easy. 3rd came and went with a 4car lead. 4th was grabbed and again he started pullin a little. I won again by about 3cars.
I pulled over and pulled up beside me and said, "Thats a quick little hot rod you got there." I said thanks and we went our way.
Funny I went from being a little scooter to a hot rod. Hahah
This race happened on my 12.5 set up. Since I have added cams among other goodies
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