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Smoking an STI

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Finally got a good race against an STI. It was from about a 20mph roll and we were both in 1st. My friend Brandon was driving my car. The Sti didn't have anyone with him. I yelled "punch it" out of the window and the STI hits it first. Brandon waited for him to go first just to rub it in his face, LOL! Well we row through the gears and caught up to him in 2nd and went into 3rd, then it was good bye. We pulled a car length in front of him. It was awesome and good driving on Brandon's part. I am currently putting down 285ish on my buddy's datalogger dyno. One run yeilded 311. It is really accurate.


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bpclements said:
Anyone else have any good race stories?


GTI (mine boosting 25-23psi, current mods) vs. EVO RS (not sure what was done but it had APS FMIC, exhaust and i thought I heard a wastegate (turbo upgrade maybe?)

Run 1.
me by a half of a fender
Run 2.
Him by alot due to wheel spin.
Run 3.
again walked me

GTI (mine 20psi 2nd day after breaking in new turbo minus the AVC-r/AfcII) vs. SRT-4 stage 2 with turbo toys (a friends)
run 1
stop-80ish me by about 3 cars (miss shift on his part)
Run 2
Stop-110 Tie
Run 3.
30-??? This was just for fun and we both were in 2nd, we both punched leaving 4 nice patches/strips of freshly burned rubber, and went until we top out. I had him until about 115, then he took me from there on as I shut down and he kept going, later on I found out he hit 155ish (psycho)

GTI vs. STI (cobb stage 2, brothers)
Walked every try.... :(

2002 Eclipse GT w/ rippmods supercharger, Venom nitrous (50 shot, wet), Custom exhaust all in all about 390whp... (my car before the GTI, alot went into this car to make it run 12.03 best out of a auto, then it got totalled in the snow) vs. Single turbo 62-2 ported, 600+whp on pump gas 97 supra (friends)

Run 1
50-100 I win by 2 cars aint turbo lag a bitch.... (supercharger+n2o= sex on the street)

Run 2
Drag strip
me 12.11 him 11.3 on street tires

Run 3
20-80ish him by about 6 cars.

Those are the main outstanding races that I can remember. I can elaborate on any if you would like.
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