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okay ladies and germs, I wanna invite all of you to a so cal EVO meet bbq and bomfire meeting place will be at the usual hooters in anaheim off the 57 if you got any question or reguards let me know this one will be a blast we have the place set up and its gonna be great

Meeting at HOOTERS in anaheim

TIME: 12-3

mini cruise,barbeque FOOTBALL! bonfire

so lets get a list started of whos bringing what

hope everyone can make it

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Just a quick question.

Whats going on? I am new to this site, but was wondering what it took to join the SoCalEvo club. Obviously you have to live in Southern California, but I am moving to Hermosa Beach, CA in either July, or December. Just was wondering what i had to do or fill out. Thanks
I hope you guys can make it! it'll be great :D , hmm all you need I think is a lancer evo, a foot to hit the gas and brake and thats it! if you want to donate money to the site talk to turbo larry, im doing some charity work for these dudes :laugh:
i'm in :thumb:

larry, the weekend of april 15-17, me and surge will be doing the killer removal and install, hit me up on my cell if you want to join us, we will be doing the work at my place. I want to have a FRESH t-28killer for MOD.... :D
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