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Looking for any other Evolution owners in South Dakota
Strangely enough in the town I live in (just over 120,000)
You can easily see an Evo everyday (seems so anyway)

So yesterday I'm crusing a main street and just glimpse a MR going the opposite direction... I look in the rear view and see it pulling a hard left into a parking lot. "Oh great I thought, some punk kid is gonna wanna race Evo vs. Evo.

A few redlights down here he comes, a car or two behind, O SH*T - there's 2 MR's!!!
After the light changes I take it easy and they weave up a few cars and the lead MR (male driver) takes a slow pass (I'm sure checking out my cat back and Tine susp.) and we trade a friendly wave...

He pulls ahead for a while and I'm in the middle of the 3, and then he lets up and lets me pass... So I'm leading this wild ass pack of wicked Evo's thru a fairly small town... I get enough dropped jaws on my own - I would've love to see their faces react to the whole pack. uNREAl

:dsm: AWESOME FEELING! :thumb:
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