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I am going to lead this with I am not a mechanic and my strengths are in IT. My buddy is a mechanic and so the agreement is I fix his computer and he fixes my car. It's a really great symbiotic relationship.

But it is finally beginning car is completely paid off, I have a job that can fund putting parts to customize my car, life is good.

2014 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR

I would like to get four things done on my car this year one of them being cosmetic and the other three is parts.

Intake and Exhaust. I would like to keep a dual exhaust set up in some way not notating to the world that there is some crazy nonsense going under my hood kind of a sleeper vibe. Part suggestions? K&N L4 looks alright. Borla S-Type looks good. Is this what I should be doing?

Brakes. Now I am good enough to do my own brakes but I'm wondering if the slotted things are actually worth a damn and probably should have some pads to match. The Brembo calipers are still on.

Front bumper. Okay for starters my bumper isn't missing the black piece that goes in the very bottom of it is though a tumbleweed got a hold of that. This being the Cosmetic thing I'm wondering if I should just replace the entire thing out right because a better one will go hand in hand with the intake or does it really matter and if it doesn't if I could just find the place to order the screws and that bottom part and just bolt that back on and just be done with it that would be nice.
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