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Thanks for all the help with my SAFC2

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I like how you had to close the forum on the SAFC2 question so i couldn't reply NICE!!!
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I believe your previous thread was locked to prevent others from posting Buschur's AFC settings too. Sorry if you were offended, but I believe Fourdoor did it as a favor to our vendor.
I don't even know if Buschur is a Vendor here, but trying to get any vendors tuning for free is out of the question. If someone posts up asking for XEDE maps from Shiv over at Vishnu that thread will be locked just as fast.

Trying to get help with tuning is one thing - but trying to get Buschur AFC settings without going through Buschur is not cool. We don't want Buschur coming back to us asking why we're allowing people to give out their secrets on our site. This site is here to help the users learn how to modify and tune their cars themselves, not to allow users to trade shop secrets when the shops won't give them out directly. If you want Buschur's AFC settings, ask them directly. If they don't give them to you, don't try to go around them by asking people here.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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