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Well, do you like it or not? (This doesn't mean trade you'd Evo...just yes or no?)

  • Yes I think its a nice car.

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  • No, wouldn't spend 30-32k on it.

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The new BMW 2-series/ M2...opinions?

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and its on a bunch of other Bimmer forums too...looks really nice to me.

here is a run down of it.

M2 is supposed to come with a 300hp I-6 (the current M3's motor, because a 400hp V8 is going in the M3, the M5's motor, and a new 500hp V10 in the M5)

a 6spd using bimmers SMG, and a bunch of other Bimmer quircks...yet more basic because it is supposed to MSRP for around'll just be a basic coupe with small luxeries unlike the higher level it sells cheaper.

Just wondering your opinions, I may consider this car, same price range as the Evo, similar performance (stock wise), and I'm not looking for something to go faster than 12s...I'd really be happy in the still in the low 13s. The thought of a quality interior that all looks nice attracts me to it, unlike the Evo's well, the evo's interior.

However, I still love the Evo, DSM's will always be part of my life.
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Ok I am getting one for sure now!!!!!!

LOL....actually I have a gf;) :cool:

and she is actually :thumb: in that way and just cause she is cool...:p
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