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Thinkin about buyin one...

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Alright heres the deal, im selling my truck to buy something next spring and and EVO came to mind, but ive heard that mitsibishi motors usually have a lot of problems...just wanted to know if the rumors are really true about EVO's, b/c it was a toss up between this and an STI...thanks guys
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The motors are damn near indestructable, not sure where you got your information about them. Only issues seem to be that some of the 03's had defective clutches from the factory, and Mitsubishi refused to cover them under warrenty.

thanks bro, helped alot, and if anyone else has some info on the car that would be nice
Don't believe rumors.
Mitsubishi has been building 4g63's since what; 1988...? In that time only the 96-99's had the crank walk problem; and even then it was only 20% of them.
I had a well modded 4g63 Eclipse for 7 years before I got my Evo. The only thing that went wrong was a water pump at 80K. I plan on having this Evo for a minimum of 10 years.
Do routine maintainence.
Make sensable upgrades that compliment each other meaning; Don't slap on a big turbo without upgrading the fuel system.
The motor will be just fine.
The Evo is a hell of a car I like it far better than the STI and if your looking to buy one I have a 2003 for sale with a bunch of work done to it but still plenty more to do. So dont worry about wanting to build your own from scratch because Its a car that you can constantly be doing new mods to and trying different tuning methods.
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