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Throttle body issue

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well yesterday went down to dallas to let mark for turbotrix tune my car... for some odd reason on my 2 1/2 hr trip down the car made 20.5 lbs of boost, get it on the dyno... most i can get out was 17.. so we do a pressure test and hear air hissing out the throttle body. mark says its a common proble on 1G DSM's but never seen it on a EVO before. anyone ever see/heard of this problem before?
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Yea, appearently it's an o-ring... if it's the same problem. 1g's fix it by rebuilding the throttle body like this;
but it's for a 1g. Hope it helps.
Maybe these will work, call'em and see;
found the leak.. it looks like the throttle body gasket is leaking from the top... hopefully this is the problem.. if not then im gonna go and replae the o-ring. im taking it to my dealer today and see what they say.. they're pretty kool so i'll keep you guys informed.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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