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If you installed a new throttle body, or your not getting 100% throttle in your logs; All you need is a circut tester/volt meter thingy from Home Depot.

1. Place the TPS in the throttle body in the position shown in
(1) of the drawing.

2. Turn the TPS to the position shown in (2) of the drawing.
Connect a circuit tester between terminal 2 (TPS output)
and terminal 4 (earth) of the TPS to measure the output
voltage. Turn the TPS to a position where the output voltage
is within the standard value range, and secure the TPS there
by tightening the screw.
Standard value 0.535 − 0.735 V

3. After tightening the screw, check the output voltage again. If
the voltage is out of the standard value range, loosen the
screw and adjust the TPS position for a proper output
voltage, then tighten the screw. If necessary, repeat the
adjustment until a correct voltage is reached.

4. Connect a circuit tester between terminal 1 (TPS power
supply) and terminal 2 (TPS output). Check that the
resistance reading varies smoothly as the throttle valve is
moved slowly to the wide open position.


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