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Timing belt question

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I am coming from the DSM community, I am looking to buy an 03 EVO very soon. I have built and rebuilt 6 bolt 4G63 engines for a long time, but I have no experience with the EVO engine (which is also a 4g63). Does anyone know the differences? Will a 6 bolt DSM block mount into an EVO (probably not)? Anyways my main question is this: how different is the timing belt installation compared to the DSM 6/7 bolt ? Is it the same tensioner, with the same recommended gap? Where can you go to look up these types of procedures? Is the shop manual available from mitsubishi? Thanks....sorry for the stupid questions.
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Welcome. :thumb:
I've never done a timing belt, but when my buddy and I did my cams we used the same 4g63 tensioner tool from RRE.
This should help (or knock off manuals are on ebay);
The procedure is the same as the 1g and 2 dsm's. Only real difference is the 1g's don't have the crank angle sensor crap. Good luck.
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