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Tire recommendations to replace stockers?

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It's not time yet, but I like to look ahead and get the best deal. It's a daily driver. No track time, no 1/4 mile dragger. I drive to work, stores, my Mom's, and take my wife out to dinner. I drive canyons from time to time, but not at break neck speed, and no I've never thought about drifting a corner. I had Kumho Ecsta 712's on my Eclipse and I liked those. Oh yea, did I mention I'm cheap.
What are other daily suckers... I mean hard working Evo owners using?
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I am getting ready to buy the General uhp tires myself. I have read great reviews on them. great in wet weather and sticky in dry. for $107 a tire, i think its worth a try. They look really good too.:thumb:
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