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Tire recommendations to replace stockers?

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It's not time yet, but I like to look ahead and get the best deal. It's a daily driver. No track time, no 1/4 mile dragger. I drive to work, stores, my Mom's, and take my wife out to dinner. I drive canyons from time to time, but not at break neck speed, and no I've never thought about drifting a corner. I had Kumho Ecsta 712's on my Eclipse and I liked those. Oh yea, did I mention I'm cheap.
What are other daily suckers... I mean hard working Evo owners using?
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i agreee with revhigh. toyo's are very overbuilt tires the steel belts on them dont end at the crown of the treadface, the actually wrap around to part of the sidewall for puncture resistance, heat dissipation and sidewall strength. proxes 4's are quite inexpensive for a UHP.. :thumb:
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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