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after years of saving up i finally bought my evo its an 03 with 20000 miles on it and no engine mods just a Front light weight brace, rear strut brace. is there a big diffenrce from 03 and up, i know the hp changed but is there any other diffences? its going to be my daily driver so im hoping it will hold up quite well. and what are some mods you would perfer.

thanks -mitch:dsm:
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Welcome to the site and the Evo community.

Yes, there are major differences in the later year Evos with many improvements. We have everything listed in a thread stickied in this forum, so take a look.

We also have many threads talking about the mods we think work best, so again, be sure to read the other newbie threads asking the same questions. We also have a modding guide in the tech area.

Btw, what is a "front lightweight brace"? I'm not familiar with that term.
I think he means lightweight/titanium front strut tower???

Congrats homie!
Exhaust work, a little more fuel, and turn up the boost. Throw in a 10.5 turbine housing and it's a killer daily ride. :thumb:
yea im so pumped i pick her up tomorrow and it has the 100,000 miles warranty and yes jared your right with the front strut tower. but yea 03, 20000 miles on her not bad for my budget i had . ill get some picks when i get it tomorrow - thanks everybody.
The 2003 doesn't have a 100-mile warranty. Did you buy an extended warranty?
yea the kid bought one i was surprized when he told me today.
Oh, the person you bought the car from bought an extended warranty, and it transfers to the new owner? Hmmm, be sure you get all the paperwork and confirm that it's still in effect.
Some extended warranties, probably a lot of them, don't transfer. Some do, some will if you pay a transfer fee. But more than likely what they will do is refund the original owner prorated amount on what is left of the warranty.
without the extended warranty, I bought my 04 with 35k miles on it. How long would the warranty be and can I just take it in? When we take my wife's STI in they never ask for any paperwork and we have taken it to numerous dealers.
That's because there is no paperwork. They know based off the VIN number when the car was purchased and how long the warranty is. On your 04, the bumper-to-bumper is 3yr/36k miles I think, so if it was originally purchased before June 13, 2004, then the full warranty has expired. If it was purchased later, then you have the full warranty until 36k miles or until y ou hit the 36-month mark. However, you still have the longer limited powertrain, which is 5yr/60k miles or something like that. You can find out for sure by calling your local Mitsu and asking. For the life of the warranties, you only bring in the car and have them do the work. There is no paperwork that you have to bring - they just know based off the VIN like I mentioned above. The only worry is if you have mods, they may deny warranty coverage.
They know based off the VIN number when the car was purchased and how long the warranty is.
They know if they have not cleaned the history of the VIN number. The service website VIN Cleaner. Removing the American vehiсles history from Internet resources has functions for deleting history and photos from the Internet. The guys have been working in this field for a long time and have a lot of experience and a lot of positive feedback from customers.
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