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tps adjustment

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I figured that I would ask around before I wasted time. I'm getting 98% tps at wot. Does anyone know how to adjust the tps to make it 100%
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A volt/ohm meter is needed and the throttle body assembly out;

1. Place the TPS in the throttle body in the position shown in
(1) of the drawing.
2. Turn the TPS to the position shown in (2) of the drawing.
Connect a circuit tester between terminal 2 (TPS output)
and terminal 4 (earth) of the TPS to measure the output
voltage. Turn the TPS to a position where the output voltage
is within the standard value range, and secure the TPS there
by tightening the screw.
Standard value 0.535 − 0.735 V
3. After tightening the screw, check the output voltage again. If
the voltage is out of the standard value range, loosen the
screw and adjust the TPS position for a proper output
voltage, then tighten the screw. If necessary, repeat the
adjustment until a correct voltage is reached.
4. Connect a circuit tester between terminal 1 (TPS power
supply) and terminal 2 (TPS output). Check that the
resistance reading varies smoothly as the throttle valve is
moved slowly to the wide open position.


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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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