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Transmission Question

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I keep hearing from VW R32 fans that the evo tranny is bad and can't handle anything higher than factory horse power but I don't believe it so I would like to know how much horse power it can actually handle before failure from a real evo tuner. Thank you.
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I am putting out 375 wheel HP every day of the week and have had zero transmission or differential problems. Those VW guys don't seem to know what they are talking about.

suavetherapy said:
I keep hearing from VW R32 fans that the evo tranny is bad...
Those VW R32 people need to learn the difference between the tranny and the clutch. It's the stock clutch that won't hold up to abuse.
considering Al is still running the stock tranny and stock x-case and just went 10.35 yesterday in his Evo I'd say the trannies hold up quite well.
Also Al is expected to go 9s this year, on the stock tranny. No NOS, still a full street car AC and all
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