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Tuning Advice on an ECUPLUS

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I have an ECUPLUS that I was wondering if anyone had any operating advice and or things to pay attention to when tuning because I am relatively new to turbo cars in general. I've always had other cars however my 2003 evo is the first one that is turbo. I've done a bunch of mods but now I need to make usse of them and tune the car. I have a thermal research and development catback, apexi downpipe with cat eliminator,Tial bov, typhoon intake, burshar br 580 turbo, 255 walboro high pressure fuel pump, fuel regulator (not sure brand) I've been reading alot of info lately and checking all the postups but there is a hell of a lot I have to still learn so any advice with tuning my car using the ECUPLUS would be appreciated.
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I have never used the ECUplus, but when tunning any setup monitoring your engine is first thing on the list. What guages do you currently have? If a quality wide band O2 sensor is not on that list, make it your top priority.

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