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Tuning principals?

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Do the same tuning principals apply to evo8's as it does to 2g eclipses, as far as obdII loggers? I have a palm with palm'n'stein logging software and it works great on the eclipse. I'm plannig to use it with an afc on the evo in the spring and I'm assuming it's obdII compliant. Is it? Do I cotinue logging O2's, RPMS, Throttle, and Timing? Will I be able to log knock, or does it have a funky knock sensor like 2g's? Thanks.
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Wow, I'm replying to my own question. :laugh:

We'll I'll post my findings for everyoe; 03+ Evos are OBDII and capable of giving a great sampling rate. With the aqurired data tuning an AFC will be a breeze. The knock feature on the AFC-II is not accuate to tue with.
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