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turbo selection

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I'd like to create a thread to get some concrete answers on turbo selection as I'm seeing a lot of guys running the wrong turbos in their cars or just getting the hyped up turbo without considering if it will really get them what they're looking for.

I'm not talking about belaboring compressor maps and turbo internals, nor getting as far into it even as AR's. If you're not a numbers guy or you couldn't tell a compressor map from a dynosheet, then one thread isn't going to help you out, you need to go back to highschool geometry class.

The big problems I'm seeing are guys trying to squeeze 400whp out of the stock evo8 turbo at 25+ psi with any combination of gasohol available, and, conversely, the guys with gt35r's who find themselves getting their asses handed to them by guys on the track with stock setups.

fact 1. every turbo has an efficiency range.

A 'small' turbo will spool quickly and perhaps fall off before redline. A 'big' turbo will spool later and most likely hold till or past redline. A 'good' turbo has a broad powerband meaning that it holds boost and 'plateaus' well. Poor selection could yeild a turbo with seemingly instant boost that peters out and feels sluggish up top, or a monster turbo that makes the ladies swoon with glee and fellows gloat with ignorance but fails to spool until 1500 rpm before reline and then 'pulls like a train'. Neither are very useful.

to be continued....I'm ending my shift at work.
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