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i have a guy who is getting custom turbos for any car. they will be priced starting at $450.00 standard bearing and like $800 ball bearing so if anyone is interested let me know. i will get pics soon.
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Where's he getting them from? Who builds them?
its a guy who does just turbo parts here in jersey. I will post more details and pics as soon as i get them. For example i am gonna be running a t3t4 for about $500. i cant wait!
thats cheap to run a t3t4...

how are you doing it that cheap...don't you need a custom manifold too?

unless he is doing something like a PTE T3T4 (50trim)

Also what trim t3t4 are you getting...and what A/R...I'm assuming 50trim with .48a/r thats probably the best street..either that or .62a/r

also...since the evo turbo is "flipped" making it spin the other he going to be able to situate the T3T4 like that so it spins the other way...with turbine on the right and compressor on left...

Personally I would find this sketchy if I didn't know the guy...only because, in my previous experience modding my get what you pay for. but that may not be true with this guy...

let us know how it works out...:thumb:
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Well i know the guy well and as for the turbo being flipped there is also a guy locally who owns a shop called turbo performance works who also does this for the evos. The only exception is his parts are all turbonetics. His are a little more expensive but his are kits includes:turbo,manifold,external,blow off valve,intercooler and piping. He is running a T4 now and Ems and has 520whp. Might be going with his old setup t3t4 50 trim. i will keep you guys posted.
if this guy is able to produce as good of a deal that you say he can...he is going to become overwhelmed with business...
that means keep it down... dont tell everybody, just thje eclipses and evos should know... :dsm: :dsm: :dsm: :dsm: :D
Imma wait for the AMS GT6 turbo kit to come out...Supposed to make GOBS of power :-D

Boostd20psi said:
Imma wait for the AMS GT6 turbo kit to come out...Supposed to make GOBS of power :-D

Almost any turbo kit could make "GOBS of power"...but you have a lot of factors to take in.

Bigger turbos take longer to spool, and have more lag, but produce a lot more power higher-end after the turbo spools, because it flows much more air.

AMS is a good company so I'm sure they'll try to use a "well-balanced" turbo...something that can spool faster (ball-bearing center and properly sized A/R Turbine Housing) but also something that will flow enough air to make a ton of power.

I would wait a research a lot of things about turbos...check out the DSM boards to learn more about them...and about some really nice ones out, then compare DSM turbos to Evo turbos to find the right match.

For me, I'd go for something like the FP3052...but I'm not getting an Evo
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