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UTEC or Flash

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Hey Everyone..

Just bought a used Evo already lightly modded (exhaust, aem intake, MBC, Bov,) Currently, it has a AEM EMS in it, but i planned to remove because, honestly..I don't know the first thing about tunning and after researching, this is WAY too advanced. I'm trying to figure out what would be better in place of it. I researched over this and another forums. This car is going to be my daily driver. I'm not planning to race and the most i wold do to this car is probably camshafts. So which one would be better for me? I'd like to tune the UTEC, but is it really difficult? Where can i find the basic guide of Tuning for dummies? Or should I just say the hell with it and go for a flash?
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Keep the EMS, OMG keep it. You are in NY, just go to Proven, have cams installed and you'd be SO fast and have perfection.
If you really have the gumption to learn and do tune yourself, then don't even think about a flash. :thumb:
The AEM EMS is very advanced, a full stand alone without the wiring, with a lot of reseach you will never need anything else. umiami80's idea isn't bad; go to a pro, maybe have them set up something conservative to get you around, while you study, reseach, and learn. Get ahold of a laptop mod and tune away. Everyone says, "Well I'm just going to do this and this," then the power bug gets them and they start shopping for a 60-1 turbo. :p
From what I've read here about the UTEC, it's no slouch either; UTEC users manual 1.6.pdf
It's a tough spot, but I encourage you, and all who come to this forum to learn to tune. Both systems are going to be difficult and there is no quickie guide, but both have tech support. With either one, and after some time, you'll have a better performing car over a flash.
also check out looks easyer to tune then the UTEC and cheaper
Unless you have the stock ECU (and if you did, the dealership would have put it back in) you are stuck with the AEM EMS, or some other stand alone ECU.

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