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Sooner or later it may happen to any driver on the road. Your car seems to work perfectly fine until you press the brake pedal and suddenly the pedal, steering wheel, or even the whole vehicle starts vibrating violently. If the vibration disappears when you release the breaks, it is the sure symptom of a warped brake rotor. The solution to the problem is simple – just replace the faulty part. And when you’re at it, it is recommended to replace all brake rotors at once, or at least the pair at the front or at the back.

It is a fairly easy fix, and you can do it yourself in your garage. All you need is a jack, a couple of jack stands, and a few basic hand tools. In this video, our tech specialist Greg takes a 2014 Mitsubishi Evolution for a spin, sees the problem, takes the car to a shop, and gives you step-by-step instructions on how to replace warped brake rotors and install new brake pads. If you think that it is time to service the brakes of your own Evo, consider doing it yourself this time. All the tools and replacement parts that you will need for the job, you can find on the digital shelves of

Mitsubishi Evolution Replacement Brake Parts | Pads, Rotors, Calipers

Feel free to ask your questions in the replies or PMs, or simply call our tech experts at 888-577-6964 (toll free)
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