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Well this sux....

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Yea.. you say it sux now, but i bet just like part 1 and 2. You are gonna watch it.:p.
i don't know...the polt seems to be getting worse and worse...and a third..I mean come on...I really have had enough

maybe I'll watch it on dvd download it...I just won't pay money to watch it... thing ever!
I may DL it, but I sure as hell won't pay to see it. Worst set of movies to come out in the last decade!

I'll watch it:D
I don't know, just reading the plot possiblity in that article, it already sounds like it has more potential than the last two movies. Tokyo has some good cars, and the Tokyo gang plot would be more believable than the 2F2F story line. And I wouldn't mind not seeing Paul Walker again - he made the last 2 movies worse than they already were... but hey, any movie that has car action will draw me in regardless. I'll probably see it at some point if it does come out.
I ain't gonna front. I will probably go watch it. There is nothing better then going to the theater and watching every assclown come out and think their hooptie is the bizzomb, I can't tell you how many eh hem... RICERS I waxed after the show was over with the "X".
haha...ya, I did the same thing...there were cops everywhere the night it came out...but I still drove around finding ricers everywhere, and just killing them...

It was kinda cool...I saw another guy with a muscle car doing the same thing...:cool:
Even though 2f2f was horrible and fake as hell, I still liked it. I'll see Fast 3 for free at work though :D.
If they feature an Evo MR and those 'Import Tuner' chicks, I'll be there opening night! :laugh:
nixstur said:
If they feature an Evo MR and those 'Import Tuner' chicks, I'll be there opening night! :laugh:
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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