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What did you drive before your EVO?

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Just trying to see what people graduated from... what other car were you considering at the time? What sold you on the EVO?
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2001 slow [email protected]@ Ford, no power widows, no power door locks, hell i didn't even have a tape deck....Focus.........i was smart when i was younger and if i wouldn't have bought the EVO i would NO car payments.....
had a 94 jetta :) all motor but the suspension got killed right away,costly to mod also since its always special tools just to change parts :(
In order....

POS 1978 Ford LTD with (RWD 351 V-8) This was in 1990 BTW first car and cost me $200.00
Not so POS 1984 Mercury Grand Marquis (RWD 302 V-8)
1994 Eclipse (FWD non-turbo 1.8)
1996 3000 GT VR-4 (AWD turbo 3.0)
1992 Galant VR-4 (AWD turbo 2.0)
1997 Eclipse spyder (FWD non turbo 2.4)
2003 Evolution (AWD turbo 2.0)

I got the EVO because I loved the "sleeper" effect of my Galant VR-4 and wanted to have that again. I have removed the giant CF wing and switched to JDM EVO7 red tail lights to make the car more of a sleeper.

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2004 acura tl had to many lil problems and the dealers that i went to service the car at did not know how to work on the car.
Fourdoor said:
I got the EVO because I loved the "sleeper" effect of my Galant VR-4 and wanted to have that again. I have removed the giant CF wing and switched to JDM EVO7 red tail lights to make the car more of a sleeper.

Mando, my under cover brother. :thumb:

I came from a 97 :dsm: Eclipse GS-T that i love and miss very much. :cry: It was modded and tuned just right. I had that thing pulling like a raped ape. Man I love that car! I had to sell it though to make room for the Evo, but for a period of two months I was in :dsm: heaven driving both every other day. :D
That's all I've ever owned.
Bought my first car in '99 when I moved out here, a '99 Civic sedan (Value Package) :yawn:. Paid it off 2 years later, decided I was bored with it, sold it and bought an '01 Eclipse GT. I was pretty happy with that until I started autocrossing when I found out that the 3G Eclipse, well, sucked. Luckily around the same time the Evo had hit the market and I traded in the Eclipse. Don't think I'll ever sell my Evo though; eventually it will end its days as a track-only or rally car; I'm already starting to think as to what I'll want as a daily driver a couple years from now.
In reverse chronological order:

'01 IS300
'93 Talon TSi AWD [email protected]
'91 Eclipse GS-T [email protected]
'90 Talon TSi AWD [email protected]
'92 Cavalier
'86 LeBaron Convertible Turbo
I had an '01 Honda Prelude
95' VW Golf :thumb:
01' Chevy S-10 :thumbdown
04' Evo RS :thumb: :dsm: :thumb:
1995 Eclipse Gs
1997 Eclipse Rs
1973 Plymouth Duster
1992 Eclipse GSX
1993 Nissan 240sx Custom Turbo
1988 Dodge Lancer Turbo
Stradling Both Sides of the Fence

I'm driving both an Evo MR and a 2002 WRX (mild mods). My other cars have included a European Ford Escort Turbo (while in the military), '86 Acura Integra, '81 Datsun 280Z, and various other cars not worth mentioning.
befor i got my evo i drove a 2003 mazda 6 sport it was nice but sold it it was a fun car
my cars...

I had a 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse, modded out, about 275whp. fast as hell...until i nailed a tree at about 65 on some backroads....this was about 3 days ago, wednesday night (7-14-05)...just got a brand new 05 evo 8 today!!! :thumb: :thumb: other than that i've also had a 92 eclipse gs, 89 toyota corolla (winter beater) and an 89 prelude si (winter beater 2).
Before my EVO I drove..............

An EVO! :D

I think the upgrade from 03 EVO to 05 EVO RS was well worth the change :)

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started out with a 98 subaru legacy 2.5 gt wagon...sweet...kinda modded! then sold it and got a 94 toyota pickup ( right before it became the tacoma....) lifted 7inch suspension, 5 inch body lift on 37 inch tires.... then i got a 97 acura integra gsr....modded it a bit, flipped it...then to drive around a 97 honda accord ex 4 cyl...vtec...haha...then my lovely lovely evo 8 gsr!!!!!
oh...and inbetween there..i drove a really sick 84 toyota celica gt-s....rwd.... was slow but fun to drift...had a really heavy rear end..had to learn to keep it from sliding...with the irs...made a cool and interesting drift type car!!!!!!!
oh dad still owns it to this day...has 110,--- miles on it!
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