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what to do about rev limiter?

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First i was wondering do all evos have a rev limiter or just the mr's? and second how can i get a good off the line start with the rev limiter? i have never been to the track yet(with this car), i keep on getting invited, but do not kow how to launch properly. i practice around stop lights, but i am not pleased with the results. what i do right now is just let it go around 4800-4900. right before the limit kicks in at 5000, and it seems to bog down a little before it really goes. is that normal.
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All Evos have that idle/launch rev limiter (I don't know the real name) of 5K. Basically you can't be at a stop, in 1st gear, clutch in, and rev past 5K. You can still launch with practice and you don't want to hold a certain RPM and dump the clutch anyway. That's where the bog comes from. For lack of a better expination; you want to "catch" it on the way up.
Rev up to about 4K, but don't hold it there. Slip the clutch while giving it more and more throttle. When it starts to engage, and with the RPM's still climbing, slam the gas and let clutch out all the way and your off. All of this happends in a matter or seconds. :D Does that make sense?
Don't forget to save for broken parts. :laugh:
Use the limiter full throttle, it builds 6psi without even moving. Don't lift your foot from the gas and concentrate on the clutch only.
yeah, i found it to be very easy launching, using the "catching it on the way up " technique. still haven't been to the track, but we'll see what happens.thanks
u can use the 2 step system with an aftermarket ECU
Rev range

What's the highest you can rev an Evo? I know the redline is set at 7000rpm, but what can they rev to with built internals and whatever else they need to rev higher?
raceguy05 said:
What's the highest you can rev an Evo? I know the redline is set at 7000rpm, but what can they rev to with built internals and whatever else they need to rev higher?
No, the "redline" is just the spot where the tach turns red. That is not the rev limiter. The rev limiter on a stock Evo is set to 7600rpm. With a flash (or other tuning device), you can raise it as high as 8000 safely on the stock internals. You asked where they can rev with built internals, though, and that depends on what you do to the internals. The stock turbo runs out of breath in the mid-7k range, so there's no need to rev over 8k unless you upgrade the turbo anyway.
I've always seen it called a stutter box, don't ask me how it got that name, I dont know.

first sentence.

(damn I wish I had an evo, where a stutter box isn't an upgrade, its manditory. do you know how awkward it is keeping the revs constant without one and knowing how much gas to give it.

how I launch is like this, rev up to 5.5k (one good thing about not having one), then start to let the clutch out, and when you start to move, give it more and more gas, while letting the clutch out. the idea is to do this as fast as possible without bogging. don't let the rpms drop below 5k (500 rpms lower than where you started), so this is something you can do extremely slow and keep it above 5k, and as you get better, let the clutch out and give it more gas faster, but DON'T go below that 5k mark. oh yea, hold on, and bring a metal detector to the track. makes picking up your transfer case/rear axels that much easier. don't want to pop someone elses tire...
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