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What would be a good giveaway for EVOtuners?

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We're trying to come up with something good to giveaway - somewhere in the $150-300 range. Any ideas? Post them here.
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hmmm, in my opinion...this should be something that everybody wants but never really on tuners...I probably would have never bought the shift boot/e-brake boot...but I loved it:cool: :thumb: It was really nice and added a lot to the interior.

thats my opinion...something that takes more thought then Bov/AFC/Springs...just kinda makes it more "special" rather then being "a step ahead" in the modding know what I mean

something with more thought is looked and and enjoyed, not everybody has it...something that everybody has just makes people feel like...yay I spent 200 less in my modding process...big deal...I can make that much in 2 days.

thats my 2 I'm going to think for a while. are some ideas...I guess the stuff I think is more appearance related (since I never spend money on appearance stuff, but always like it...I'm more of a performance guy)

on that page they have the "818 Engine Combo Trick kit" basically different caps that look nice.

the N-ter cooler chiller is nice too...maybe you could make a deal with _Twitch_ from dsmtuners to make one set a month for an Evo owner?
Also, a COMPLETE set of shifter bushings would be nice, all of them for the inside and outside...since they are cheap you may even be able to throw in a short shifter.

ok...I guess those are some of my ideas...

to me they are somethings I always wanted to buy, but always felt the need to put my money elsewhere.
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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