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Which clutch and flywheel?

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Looking to change my clutch and flywheel soon. I am trying to decide between the exedy organic which is 44% holding over stock or the Act 2900 which holds 38% over stock. I want to know if any had either of these clutches and what you think about them? I had a act 2100lb in my eclipse and i loved it. I have heard good things about the exedy and they are around the same money so i just wanted some other opinions about both of them. Thanks in advance.
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terrick, you're getting the exedy stage 2 twin plate from jeff right?

that is definately the clutch to go with, especially for your car; cant believe the stocker has held on this long. im looking at this same clutch when the unfortunate time comes.

pedal heaviness, plate chatter......all BS, if those annoyances were of consequence to us, do you think we would have bought evo's? hell no. when i drove the car off the dealer lot (with 4 miles) it had twice as many rattles as our 7 year old BMW with 90k on it
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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