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Which will you do first?

  • Coilovers

    Votes: 1 5.9%
  • ECU Tuning

    Votes: 13 76.5%
  • New Wheels

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • EVO7 Tail Lights

    Votes: 3 17.6%
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I chose ECU Tuning...

I first plan to give the Evo a little more juice, then make it look a little prettier.

I already have a Profec B II, 1g Valve, Walbro 255 that could all go in the Evo...all I really need is a 3" Turbo-back, Intake, and AFC (ECU Tuning)

after I did that stuff...and it would be in the 12's, I'd put the EVO VII Tails on, EVO VII or VIII badge, and tint the windows.

and then I'd get the rims. So far, I'm thinking TE-37's in either 17 or 18 x 9 and some nice sticky 275's

Coilovers...ehh it handles so good stock...I wouldn't worry about those for a long time.

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Taking the spirit of the post and reading it "which did you do first to your EVO?" I answered up ECU tuning. I had the Super AFC II (now for sale cheap!) put on less than a week after buying the car. The Super AFC II, Blitz SUS air filter (now for sale cheap!) and turbo XS HPBC manual boost controler (you guessed it, now for sale cheap!) set to 20 psi and tuned on an AWD dyno I gained 37 wheel HP :)

Say, that means if you buy all three of these parts from me you could potentially gain 35 to 40 hp :D


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I chose ECU tuning because a cone filter isn't up there :p. All of the other mods are show mods, and I like the way the stock Evo looks (Well maybe not the tail lights and the ugly trunk emblem but still!) and I wouldn't change it when I first got te car.

Go go Haltech!

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Right now, i'm planning to do the basics first...

Clifford / viper alarm with a FM pager system..
Evolution 8 badge
the evo 7 red tailights
(gonna get the FP3052, JIC magic, and a custom 4k high stall tc for the gsx first)

and after warranty expires, its ON!!
-remove clutch restrictor
-upgrade clutch lines to steel braided
-upgrade all brake lines to steel braided
-standalone system or UTEC for evos, havent decided
-full 4" exhaust, like the hks TI for supras
-new turbo, probaby a big Garett GT series
-upgrade that shit clutch
-get some gold or gunmetal fiske/HREs/Volk rims
-get some cusco / tein suspension
(havent decided what the evo's setup is gonna be... I originally wanted a drag car, but the handling feels really sick...although i don't like autox'in at all. Maybe if i do like it, i'll add a high performance LSD to compete with those MR's, if they do come here)

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None of the above. 1st thing I did was remove the restrictor from the clutch line and install a MBC to keep 19 psi. to redline. The restrictor in the Evo's line is so much worse than the ones in the DSM's, I could never get the feel for a smooth engagement and worried I'd kill it. I never did take the one out of my DSM.

I think that may have more to do with clutches burning out early than how people drive them is you just can't get a good feel for the engagement with that restrictor in the line.
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