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Why Turbo II you F$$$$$$ NEWB?

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I was at and I saw this thread saying Is this crx riced out?it is in the Hangout section. I looked at it and the guy lied about everything to everybody saying stupid stuff and then he says he Boozled everyone.He said that dsm's suck and he also says that he has this eclipse with this huge mod list, but he wont drive it b/c its in another state. A whole mess of lies helarious guys check it out. For no reason what a newb no? What do you think?:dsm:= the best:thumb:
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personally...I don't give those kind of people any kind of attention...

to me...they are just immature idiots...and I'm 18...
That was a dumbass thread, it wasn't even worth the click.
but sometimes i love these threats, since it gives us an example for "and the ricer says" threat... which is one of the most popular once in dsm tuner hangout forum...:dsm: =:thumb:
As I said in that thread... that guy was retarded. He probably didnt even know that there was an internet till last week.
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