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WORKS P2 Brain Flash - Installed

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I got a P2 Brain Flash today from WORKS in San Francisco, CA. I've been having issues with a PO300 SES and I can feel it happen on most long freeway drives. After getting the P2, no more......I just have great throttle response, smooth air/fuel and incredible boost. Here is a little detail on the flash and you can find more about WORKS at

Description: We do what our brains tell us. A car's ECU is no different. There is no single more valuable tool available to any tuner than the ability to access the car's brain and reprogram it to perform to its fullest potential -- especially after tuning parts have been added to the system. No piggy-back add-ons that intercept and falsify signals to the factory ECU and no standalone engine management systems compromising Mitsubishi safety functionality. The WORKS Brain Flash is the factory ECU that has been reprogrammed with WORKS Performance Software optimizing all applicable maps including but not limited to air/fuel ratios, ignition timing and calculated rev limit. WORKS was the very first Evo tuner in the U.S. to reprogram the factory ECU. Our Software Engineers have been dissassembling U.S. Evo VIII code since April '03 and have software control unparalled in the industry. With the Brain Flash P1, expect a 20+WHP peak gain but more importantly a broad, usable, power curve with no other modifications that is very safe and reliable. In addition, expect improved gas mileage, emmisions compliance, and smoother drivability. Nothing comes close to the plug-and-play performance and reliability of the WORKS Brain Flash. The WORKS Brain Flash RL is also available to customers who only want to increase the factory rev limit to their desired RPM. In either case the ECU can be reprogrammed back to stock if necessary and of course is backed by our Factory Matched 3-Year Warranty.

The Brain Flash P2 represents an upgrade to the Brain Flash P1 by peak and holding the factory peak boost! The P2 provides addictive acceleration by eliminating the factory boost taper in the higher rpms. By eliminating this boost drop-off, the total area under the torque and horsepower curve is enhanced and the car responds with increased urgency as the power band winds up.
WORKS' Engineers spent many months analyzing the stock boost control system first. Then improved upon the design to bring you a true peak and hold system. There is no removal of factory inline flow restrictors or any attempt at fooling the ECU logic. This proprietary system represents a tried and true reliable design which takes the safe factory system one step further. With the unique WORKS Boost Hose Assembly (which appears identical to stock) and ECU boost mapping modifications, WORKS has total boost control. Of course the P2 upgrade involves a comprehensive performance ECU remapping of the fuel and ignition to compliment the rock-solid peak boost.
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but whats YOUR review on it;) :p
Going to give it a few days before I give my official stamp of approval but so far its awesome.
Yes, please let us know how it works. I am going to get a reflash and am trying to decide between Vishnu, Dynoflash or someone else. Do you know where I can see dyno numbers on this Works Brain reflash?
I'm very satisfied after a week of having the flash. I ran the car at the legal drags on Saturday night and I put down a 13.4 at 101.7. My previous best was 13.6 @ 101. I bogged 3 launches as I'm still getting use to the car but the flash made the all around performance of the motor much better. My flash was also set for an exhaust that I hope to get in the next few weeks and I'm now running Kumho's 712's. Both aspects hurt my et in my opinion. I would reccomend this product for anyone considering a flash.

Visit click on Products and then click on "Why get the WORKS Brain Flash". There are links on that page that show the dyno results stock and post-flash.
.2 sec faster is pretty good I'm sure you could get it better though...what was your 60'?
my 60 was 1.85. I feel strongly that with more practice launching and the exhaust I can shave a few tenth's of a second more off my times.
IMO, the P2 is the best flash out there and well worth the money. Pete at WORKS spent months researching the boost tube pill that they use to hold 19-20 all the way to redline.
Thanks for the info, guys. What is the max boost level P2 runs and do you have any problems with boost spiking up over 22-24 PSI?
I'm not sure what the max boost setting can be but I would give Pete or Tyler a call and ask them. They are very friendly and always have a ton of knowledge. My boost peaks at 19 and holds. It is awesome compared to stock under heavy throttle.
Thanks EVOKach. I have been doing some research on different vendors and their products and have been impressed by the werd on the P2, though I have heard that boost spike was an issue. Give us an update when your exhaust gets installed.
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