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Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow!!!!!!!!!!

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I GOT MY CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for not posting sooner I have just broke my car in, in 7 days (picked up with 12.1 miles on last monday as of this morning I have ~1000 drove to flordia and back (spring break). :shhh: Just a refresher I got a 2005 EVO MR in rally red with dealer added black leather seats front and rear. Pics will be up in a couple days as I still don't have a digi cam and have to use my friends. Now that the breaking in is done with I will be starting the mods... HKS FCD, Apex'i SAFC-II/AVC-r all sitting in my room, and GP sports Spec Ti Exhaust and apex'i DP being ordered tomarrow (1250 for both with 1 day shipping). Man I never knew I could be sooooooooooo happy with a car but ever time I look outside I can help but smile. I love you :dsm: Be back in a couple days with pics.
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If you can get me some where to stay I might just take you up on that... (now what to tell work...) Isn't the Auto Bacs store out there? If so then you really might see me there
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